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2017/10/12: HPC activity and graphics in Unity

  • Frankland et al. (2005) reviews that HPC ripple activity is temporally correlated with cortical slow-wave spindles in the MPFC. This could be related to the integration of memories into existing schema.
  • Unity tutorial on graphics:
    • If I want to spawn objects at random locations, it would be problematic to pre-compute the lighting.
      • Would it be a solution to be used mixed baking and have all the items, which do not change their location, as static because they have light maps?
    • Use linear colour space because it is more realistic. This goes well with using HDR. When using HDR cameras, the Tonemapping Image Effect from Standard Assets (Assets>Import Package>Effects) must be added to the camera.

Frankland, P. W., & Bontempi, B. (2005). The organization of recent and remote memories. Nat Rev Neurosci, 6(2), 119–130. Retrieved from

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