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2018/01/08: About the open lab diary

I have just finished uploading old diary entries, which gives me the opportunity to reflect on what I have done so far and to get a bit more meta on the whole topic with this entry, which is the first one I am actually going to publish at the end of my (working) day. Some of the previous entries are quite short and initially weren’t written for the general public. This will change. Rik Henson and Rogier Kievit encouraged me to start an open diary/notebook, which indeed has raised my interest. So, I started reading about this topic and thought about ways to implement such a thing. There are two important aspects about which one need to think. The first one is related to the content of what is actually shared and the second one related to the technical aspect how I can share my thoughts and bits.

As I state in my text on open science (link), I want to share as much as possible. Therefore I want to adopt a more diary like approach. Previously, I just collected some notes without much context and information. After uploading all these, I realized other people and my future self will need more information to construe my notes as meaningful. Future entries will be hopefully written so that they are more intelligible. I will figure out how much I can share and how much is sensible.

On the technical site, I decided to use a normal WordPress blog to upload my thoughts and entries that do not contain any code in R or python. I have not found a good way to upload code in MATLAB or C#, which I use to program in Unity, therefore I will use this html snippet


to report those in my normal blog entries. I will do most if not all of my statistical analysis in R. Hence I will once in a while use RMarkdown .html files to report steps of my analysis and upload these to GitHub. GitHub allows you to upload .html files and display them on your website (see I hope to finish the infrastructure for this tomorrow and upload the first file, where I look at the results of the pilot experiment.

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