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2018/01/19: Issue with stimulus selection and some thoughts

This entry contains thoughts and observations for the last couple of days because I was stuck with a problem and didn’t have a lot say. The problem was that I hadn’t controlled the number of times a location can serve as a foil when I had picked the set of object/locations pairs. This is indeed problematic because some locations were used four times. If you know which object was at a specific location, it isn’t really a foil anymore influencing subsequent trials. Therefore, I tried to find another way to select object/location pairs. The respective RMarkdown document will hopefully be uploaded tomorrow.

Random thoughts

While running these massive for-loops where I draw random samples, I realised that I need to start saving the results to files, so I don’t need to re-run those again for instance when I make small change to the RMarkdown document.

After reading Harlow & Yonelinas (2016), I got the idea to measure precision and success of recollection by having the participants placing the objects in the VE at the locations, where they think they were located during encoding. Another thing is that I will need to make sure that the participants attend to all objects in the VE. A way to do that could be instructing the participants to name or count all objects they see.


Harlow, I. M., & Yonelinas, A. P. (2016). Distinguishing between the success and precision of recollection. Memory, 24(1), 114–127.

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