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2018/04/12: Interim results and future plans

I am currently caught up with collecting data for my first experiment, which I will henceforth call schemaVR1, working on my first year report and analysing the interim results. I have collected data from eight participant so far and already got number of significant results. This is quite impressive considering that I also have only twenty stimuli/trials. I will upload the pre-processing script alongside a script analysing the interim results in the next days in a separate GitHub repository, where I will provide more details, but a very robust, and already significant, finding is that the locations of unexpected objects are recalled more often than that of expected objects.

Without interpreting too much here, it seems like unexpected objects induce a kind of snapshot like memory, while participants report that they did not even see the expected objects and their memory for their locations is reduced. Interestingly, there seems to be no bias to more expected locations, when placing the objects, from which one could argue that the 3AFC task does not add a lot.

Based on the discussions with my supervisor and the other members of the lab the next ideas are to create a second room to see whether I find the same pattern there and to introduce eight new objects that are all related to the kitchen replacing the eight objects that are not related to a kitchen in the current design. Some of these objects would be then placed at more neutral objects, because at the moment none of the kitchen related objects are.

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