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Category: research design

2018/01/25: Second attempt to select stimuli

The second attempt to select stimuli took me longer than I wanted but I finally got a set, which could work. Link to RMarkdown file The next things to do are to test the set in VE and adapt the script for the retrieval task. Rik and I decided to change the confidence ratings after the 3AFC from 1 – 4 to three verbal options (‘Didn’t see object’, ‘Guess the object was there’, ‘Know object was there’).  In the VE, the participants will be ask to count all moveable objects. Also, there could be the need to exclude some stimuli…

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2018/01/19: Issue with stimulus selection and some thoughts

This entry contains thoughts and observations for the last couple of days because I was stuck with a problem and didn’t have a lot say. The problem was that I hadn’t controlled the number of times a location can serve as a foil when I had picked the set of object/locations pairs. This is indeed problematic because some locations were used four times. If you know which object was at a specific location, it isn’t really a foil anymore influencing subsequent trials. Therefore, I tried to find another way to select object/location pairs. The respective RMarkdown document will hopefully be…

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2018/01/10: Change of design and analysing ratings

I had the vague idea to do multivariate pattern analysis on the mPFC to decode specific schemas and to see how new objects/information is integrated in to those, but the problem might be that there are far too few trials to do that with the current design. It might also be interesting to look at memory reinstatement and how it is influence by schemas. Today, I met with my supervisor and talked about the current design, about the ratings and general plan for this year.  I started a script today, with which I analyse the ratings I got so far,…

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