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I call myself Alex, although the name my parents gave me is Jörn Alexander. Currently, I am a PhD student working with Rik Henson at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (University Cambridge). I am immensely honoured being part of the Gates Cambridge class of 2017 (click here for my profile). Receiving this scholarship is an enormous privilege and I hope that I will meet the high expectation that come with it.

I am mainly interested in memory research. I want to understand how human memories are stored and what determines the way these are stored both in terms of representation and strength. Furthermore, I am interested in related fields such as the effects of hormones on memory (e.g. stress effects) and the medial temporal lope and its function in perception. I am also a supporter of open science. So, I try to make as much of my work publically available as possible. If you visit my GitHub account, you will find some useful things like an R package to analyse R.O.C.  recognition memory data, scripts for experiments and various function (e.g. a popular function which draws a slider rating scale on the screen for Psychtoolbox 3).

My work in Cambridge will be mainly focused on the effects of prediction errors, novelty, schemas and event boundaries in lifelike memories, for which I use (immersive) virtual reality.

What else is there to say? In my spare time I like to read, cycle and row for my college team (Clare Hall). If you have any question, feel free to contact me (see below).


Jörn Alexander Quent, M.Sc
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
University of Cambridge
15 Chaucer Road
Cambridge CB2 7EF
United Kingdom
Tel: 01223 355294 Ext 791
E-Mail: alex.quent (at)

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