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Jörn Alexander Quent Posts

“Shape of U: The Nonmonotonic Relationship Between Object–Location Memory and Expectedness” is finally out in Psychological Science

After years of work my new paper titled Shape of U: The Nonmonotonic Relationship Between Object–Location Memory and Expectedness is finally out in Psychological Science with Andrea Greve & Rik Henson (PDF, Supplementary). The idea for this work came from my desire to directly test these shiny pet examples that we use in our academic writing to provide real-world context. So I created a realistic virtual reality experiment with Unity3D, which can seen in this video. A particular example I was inspired by was the butcher-in-the-bus. In this context, a neuroscientific model called SLIMM predicts that the relationship between how…

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First time being in VR does not come with a novelty benefit for memory (new paper out in QJEP)

Simple summary Studies suggest that novelty can enhance memory not only for the novel event itself but also for things that happen before/after. Despite my personal strong priors in favour of this idea, I found evidence against this. This paper is now out in QJEP. There is a lot of work in animals showing how novel experiences can tag memory as envisioned by the tag-and-capture theory. Some work including my own suggests that this is also true for humans and not only works for novelty but also reward, stress, fear, physical exercise etc. Importantly, animal work also suggests that only…

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Major Update: I finished my PhD in Cambridge and moved to China

Major things happened in my life: professinally I finished my PhD in Cambridge (MRC CBU) and moved to China to work with Deniz Vatansever at Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence (ISTBI), which is part of Fudan University, as a post doctoral fellow, which will give me an exciting change to broden my horizont. My research focus in the next years will mainly be cognitive maps, spatial navigation and (declarative) memory, which I will study with various forms of virtual reality (VR). I will use this website to post semi-regular updates on these projects and posts some useful…

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