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Category: hippocampus

2018/05/02: End of schemaVR1 and start of schemaVR2

Today, I finished the data collection for schemaVR1. I collected 17 instead of 16 participants because I wanted to show the experiment to someone who then agreed to formally take part in this experiment. The two major the results of this experiment are that the locations of objects that are generally unexpected in a kitchen are remembered better (measured by 3D location recall and 3AFC location recognition) than the locations of objects that are expected in a kitchen. This can already be seen in the interim analysis (N = 9) that I uploaded here. The second result, which was only…

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2017/10/12: HPC activity and graphics in Unity

Frankland et al. (2005) reviews that HPC ripple activity is temporally correlated with cortical slow-wave spindles in the MPFC. This could be related to the integration of memories into existing schema. Unity tutorial on graphics: If I want to spawn objects at random locations, it would be problematic to pre-compute the lighting. Would it be a solution to be used mixed baking and have all the items, which do not change their location, as static because they have light maps? Use linear colour space because it is more realistic. This goes well with using HDR. When using HDR cameras, the…

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