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Category: meta

2018/05/29: Reflections on failures and open notebook

My last post was more than twenty days ago. The reason for that was that I was just very busy and had to prioritise instance the pre-registration of the second experiment (schemaVR2, see here), which included a power analysis. In addition to starting the data collection for schemaVR2, I also worked on a syllabus for a summer teaching job and a poster for Pyschologie und Gehirn (Psychology and Brain), which is on the automaticity of word recognition (see here). Long story short, I did not have enough time. In this entry, I want to reflect firstly on my experiences while…

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2018/02/07: Variable naming

I recently realised that I am sometimes quite inconsistent when it comes to naming variables. I decided to stipulate a variable naming convention that I can stick to. This convention should be useable in the three major languages I use (R, Matlab, C#). That means I can’t for instance use dots within a name because it would only work in R.  I will keep an updated version here. I hereby stipulate the following rules to name variables: Variable names should be informative. Example: rt for reaction time. They should be short. Therefore I will use capitalisation to separate the variable…

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2018/01/08: About the open lab diary

I have just finished uploading old diary entries, which gives me the opportunity to reflect on what I have done so far and to get a bit more meta on the whole topic with this entry, which is the first one I am actually going to publish at the end of my (working) day. Some of the previous entries are quite short and initially weren’t written for the general public. This will change. Rik Henson and Rogier Kievit encouraged me to start an open diary/notebook, which indeed has raised my interest. So, I started reading about this topic and thought…

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