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Category: recollection

2018/08/01: Final analysis, design of third experiment and plans for future

I am finally back in my office after a short holiday and after doing some teaching. I am glad to announce that I submitted my first year report and successfully defended it. That is the reason why, I haven’t posted anything in a while, but as soon as I do more work again, that can be uploaded, I will do that. The results reported in my first year report are very promising. They show that there is a reliable U-shaped relationship between object/location expectancy and memory performance. Further analysis (link) among other things showed that this is also the case…

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2018/05/02: End of schemaVR1 and start of schemaVR2

Today, I finished the data collection for schemaVR1. I collected 17 instead of 16 participants because I wanted to show the experiment to someone who then agreed to formally take part in this experiment. The two major the results of this experiment are that the locations of objects that are generally unexpected in a kitchen are remembered better (measured by 3D location recall and 3AFC location recognition) than the locations of objects that are expected in a kitchen. This can already be seen in the interim analysis (N = 9) that I uploaded here. The second result, which was only…

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2018/01/19: Issue with stimulus selection and some thoughts

This entry contains thoughts and observations for the last couple of days because I was stuck with a problem and didn’t have a lot say. The problem was that I hadn’t controlled the number of times a location can serve as a foil when I had picked the set of object/locations pairs. This is indeed problematic because some locations were used four times. If you know which object was at a specific location, it isn’t really a foil anymore influencing subsequent trials. Therefore, I tried to find another way to select object/location pairs. The respective RMarkdown document will hopefully be…

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